2014-2015 Boston Living With Water Competition (Finalist Round)

Team: Jonathan Goldman, Dave Hampton, Jared Katseff, Ho-Ting Liu, Nupoor Monani, Thaddeus Pawlowski, Jeenal Sawla, Kira Sargent, Stephanie Hsia, Karno Widjaja, Lindsay Woodson

Created by an interdisciplinary GSD team, this design envisions the future of the North End as one that maintains a vibrant street life while embracing rising sea levels. In the near term, buildings are rated on a resiliency report card, a metric for communicating climate risk to residents and empowering investment in resiliency projects. Buildings go through a sequence of changes reducing vulnerable first floor use.  By 2100, elevated boardwalks and converted first floors will maintain building accessibility as a salt-water marsh grows into the North End.